Just Breathe

I have to remind myself to breathe most every day. I honestly believe with some things there are absolutely no quick fixes because sometimes you cannot possibly foresee a future, after having your life altered in such a earth shattering way. Healing can come too, however small it may seem. Many of us will all continue this healing process for the remainder of our lives.

I’m telling a little story about myself; a reference to healing after loss. Everyone’s situation is different, but on the topic of loss, whether it be the loss of a loved one, a job, a marriage, or any other life shattering event, this is something I feel led to share.

A while back, probably sometime during Spring of last year, I was visiting my daughter’s grave. It had been a while since I had been there to see her. I was lying face down, flat on top of her, so I could breathe in the earth where she lays; just as I always do and begging her to just come back to me. I was beginning to lose my mind as I do so often because I still, to this day, cannot fathom it all. How can she be in that ground?

But just when I thought I could not possibly do it again, or for one more day, I felt the warmth of the sun shine down on my face & then I felt it begin to warm my entire body. I had been out there for a good hour and never felt it at all, until God reminded me; He was there & He had wrapped me in His warmth.

See, I don’t usually stop to feel anything but my loss, pain & hurt. But that day, I felt the first bit of peace I had felt since losing my precious daughter. It may not happen in our time or at the speed in which ourselves and others believe it should happen, but things do and can change.

That one brief moment of peace that sunny Spring day, got me through another day when I didn’t think I could go on. For so many, there is no way of getting to the other side while we are still here on this earth and healing only comes in seemingly small occurrences. Just like it did for me that one day.

I know in my heart that there are still good things in store for all us who have lost our way. Maybe we just haven’t found it yet or opened our eyes to the good stuff in front of us.

It will happen in time though, as we DO have a big God.

I still struggle daily, no doubt and I’m sure it will be a life long journey. But I know He is here with me every step of the way. 

Just remember that when all is lost, to stop and remind yourself to breathe, feel the sun shine and allow God to wrap you in His warmth.



3 thoughts on “Just Breathe”

  1. Sometimes, especially in the beginning, it was difficult to feel God’s presence. The sadness and despair was so large. Years later, I could feel it. And now, I know that God has always been present, even at the accident scene. It brings me great comfort knowing that Ryan is back with his Father. Blessings.

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