His Patience and My Purpose

It’s been a little more than two years keeping my feelings and what is in my heart almost entirely to myself, only ever speaking of the most superficial. I’ve never spoke aloud or written any of what’s been pouring out of my heart recently. I have been so angry with God over Maddy’s death. But with every step I’ve taken and each day that’s passed He’s been there patiently waiting for my heart to soften to Him. At first it began as just a little whisper in my ear, but lately it has gotten louder and louder until it’s become so loud I finally decided to listen to Him. He has been nudging me to share what is in my heart because someone needs it. What I’m not sure of is whether that “someone” is me or another person.


I DO understand that my stories and poems might not be for just anyone. If reading any of my writing is too much for anyone, please just skip past it. I promise to understand. But I truly hope that something I write can touch someone’s heart or help with something they may be going through. I would like to encourage anyone and everyone who may know another that could possibly benefit from anything I write to please share it. If nothing else I hope to reach someone that simply needs to know they are not alone.


I’m finally beginning to feel like my broken heart still has something to offer and I have been given this new purpose to share my story.

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