Is It Glorifying The Imperfect

I lost my daughter to a drug related accident. My daughter was imperfect; she acted out, just like most teenagers do and she ultimately did something that caused her own death. So why do I “glorify” her in my writing?

I have a very simple answer to this question. LOVE. I love my daughter unconditionally in every possible sense of the word.

In life, I loved her through even her most difficult times, through all her accomplishments, her failures, through EVERYTHING. All of her imperfections as well as her many perfections are what made her into who she was and I absolutely adore and love her just as she was. Those feelings haven’t changed after death. Even the very worst of times now have become such precious memories to me and everything I write is simply my undying love for her pouring out of my heart.

As her mother I will always love my daughter. Her death has taught me just how deeply I actually do love her. It has taught me that I only thought I knew the depth and purity of my love for her in life when in reality I had no idea at all. I have learned that there truly is no measurement to the love in my heart towards my daughter.


Photo of Madison & I

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