Where Does This Love Go Now

I have so much love locked inside my heart with no where to go or anything left to do. It feels like my heart is going to explode. This is no ordinary love either, no. It is the love of a mother.


See, this love cannot be given to anyone else either because it is love solely for my beautiful daughter Madison.


I still love many others beyond comparison there is no doubt, but THIS love is only Maddy’s and now it has no place to go. It just sits locked up tight wanting to spill over and be shown or expressed. My heart wants to give this love to my sweet baby girl. SO WHAT DO I DO WITH ALL HER LOVE?


I do the only thing I can, I cherish it and I try to remain thankful for having had someone as special as her that has left me with the type of love that does make my heart constantly want to spill over.

I will never in a million years give Maddy’s love away. I will never regret or wish I loved her any less, but it will always hurt my heart to hold this extraordinary love that has no place to go.

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