Washed Away

When both of my daughters were little I used to have a recurring nightmare. It was the only nightmare I can recall having while I was a young mother with two young children. This nightmare would always frighten me wide awake and I’d be covered in sweat. I would have to ground myself, realizing that both my daughters were safe in their beds. My nightmare was always the same. I would see my children get swept away in the current of the rising water of the creek that runs through our land.

I had long forgotten about those nightmares as they grew and each became extremely strong swimmers, plus there was no way I’d allow them anywhere near that creek if it was rushing. I only remembered these nightmares after losing Madison because she did get swept away by water. My worst nightmare came true almost down to the detail. Ultimately my daughter got taken away by water.

How could this be? Was God preparing me for my loss with these dreams or was He warning me of what was to come. Did I fail Him because I could not save my daughter from being swept away after He had given me the signs?

How could I have possibly known what would happen? I couldn’t have. No one could.

One of the greatest, but at the same time most tragic facts of life is that we never know what will happen. Life can be cruel. It’s sure been cruel to me. It can sweep away what is most precious to you in an instant. Never take that for granted.

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