So you say you’re not okay

I have been seeing a very common and consistent theme everywhere I turn lately. I hear and see people say the following things way too regularly.


You are NOT alone.
Your feelings ARE valid.
I am NOT here to judge or compare.

I feel and say these things sometimes too.

Today, I am going to tell you that if you are not okay; it’s okay to feel that way. BUT, you are so much stronger than you give yourself credit for. I do not say this as an outsider to pain and struggle. I say this as someone who has experienced an unimaginable too. I do know pain. I do know struggle. I understand not being okay. I also believe that I am strong for simply standing when so many would have already fallen though. I am strong because I continue to wake up each morning TO live another day. I am strong because I keep trying even when I’ve failed. I am strong because I do not give up when I cannot go on.

You are strong too or you wouldn’t be reading this today. You too, just like me, desire some relief and comfort. You have not given up completely either, so believe in yourself. Believe right now! YOU ARE STRONG and you need to hear this from someone who understands not being okay.

I am not weak for feeling pain. I am not weak because I feel broken. I am not weak when I don’t know how to move forward. I AM NOT WEAK. I am human.

I am just not okay and that’s okay. It’s okay that you are not okay too. Believe, it’s okay to do.


Don’t give up on yourself and I won’t either.

Keep going when you can’t take another step.

Recognize your strength instead of your weaknesses.

Have a little faith in yourself when you have lost all hope.

And if you can’t do that then just remember:


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