Can Losing A Pet Be As Hard As Losing A Loved One

I read an article this morning titled “Researchers Reveal Losing A Dog Can Be As Hard As Losing A Loved One”. I read the article in full and I do not disagree that losing a beloved pet can DEFINITELY be hard and that we can love our pets so much that we do have to grieve their death. I do not dispute this at all and I’m certainly not discounting the love we have for our special furry family members. It’s not the article and it’s content that I have any issue with. I pretty much agree with the article contents.

But I also read the comments against my better judgement and I know better than to do that, so shame on me for even going there.

Now to be fair, most comments were pleasant in nature and simply stated agreement with the article or comments about the specific loss of a pet someone experienced and their sadness over it. But, probably 1 in 10 comments went as far as to state that it was worse to lose a pet than losing a human loved one because pets are the only ones capable of loving us unconditionally. This is where you start to lose me. I have a problem with any animal being of greater value than a human life. In my opinion this is what is so wrong in our world today. People have lost sight of the value of human life and it saddens me.

I read comments of mothers who have lost a child stating that they agree with the fact that losing a pet is indeed hard, but it in no way compared to the loss of their child. I read a wife say this of her husband and son. And they should be able to express these things, but they were met with attack & comments saying that they were being extremely rude by even saying it’s more difficult having lost their own child or husband and even worse hate filled statements were made to these grieving mothers and wife. This breaks my heart. It’s just not the same and I’ll tell you why.

Big Jake

In my opinion, it is true how our animal companions can and most often do love us unconditionally. I have several pets and they all love me no matter what. I have an extremely close bond with 2 of my animal companions in particular. I’ve bonded more closely with my cat Wicket and with my horse Big Jake (after John Wayne due to his size). They are very special to me and have been a calm place for me when I could find no other. I love them dearly. I’m not disputing the closeness we can have with our furry family. I’ve lost several in the past that have broke my heart. But what we get from our pets is about them giving us their unconditional love and it’s just more about how they make us feel. I agree that losing that unconditional love from a pet can be downright devastating. Again, I’m not knocking it. It is true in my opinion. I’ve been there and it hurts.


What happens though when you lose someone who you gave your own, 100% unconditional, no strings attached love to; A love so strong and unbreakable that it didn’t ever matter what you got back in return. A love that remained utterly unchanged no matter how many times you got bit or kicked; A truly pure love that you, yourself have given to another human-being. Of this, I can only speak from my own personal experience and tell you that losing the one or ones you have given this love to completely destroys you in every way imaginable. It changes every single aspect of your life. It tears you apart from the inside out. It’s a living hell. For me there is no way an animal, even the ones I love and am the closest to, could have the same impact on me when they pass away as losing my father, my hero, my first love, my protector or the complete and total devastation of losing my precious 15 year old daughter, my future, my hopes and my dreams, my life, my world. Even as difficult as it may be when the time comes to say goodbye to the pets I love so much now.

Human life is and should be the utmost valuable thing on this planet. Period. We have lost this belief as a people and it makes me sad.

My daughter Madison – Forever 15

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