Attacking a Broken Spirit

I truly feel that more people have experienced something in life that has left them broken than those who have not. Some people never recover from these things. For those of us that have not been able to recover, it is extremely important to protect our already broken spirit anytime we can.




One thing I’ve learned in life is how some take great pride in breaking the spirits of others for their own personal gain. Their actions are not a reflection of the ones they project their emotions onto though, but the direct reflection of their own spirit and heart.

No matter how angry and disappointed you may be with someone or how large a mistake someone has made, how you treat someone is completely about you as a person and not about them or anything they’ve done. Only we, ourselves have control of our own actions and many times doing things to break another person’s spirit can have absolutely disastrous repercussions.

You never know just how broken someone’s soul and spirit may already be and how you treat them can indeed be their very breaking point emotionally. It is never okay to treat someone badly or kick them when they are down, no matter what your emotions are telling you to do.

How we treat others matters.

I would like to say that I am a strong person; I honestly do believe I am. At a relatively young age, I have already been through what most people will never experience in their own lifetime. I have no doubt withstood what is considered completely unimaginable to most. I have survived and do continue to survive each day. I am a very strong woman, but still so broken at the same time; I am broken in the very deepest depths of my soul and spirit.

I try hard to protect my spirit from attack and I can do so, most days. But some days other’s attempts to break me, slip through the cracks and penetrate the guards I have in place protecting what is left of my broken heart.

I do not know what my breaking point is personally. I do not know how much more brokenness I can withstand. I do not know when I could reach a point of losing what is left of myself completely. I just do not know.

Conflict in life is inevitable. There will always be someone who will upset you, wrong you, disappoint you or make a mistake. Everyone in life deserves to be treated with a certain level of dignity and respect though, no matter what their actions. How we choose to address these situations is completely on us and not anything they caused. It is always possible to stand up for yourself, express difference of opinion or dissatisfaction with one’s actions, keeping that same person’s dignity and spirit intact. In the event it’s not possible, walking away either temporarily or permanently is the right choice to make.




How we treat others in life matters more than anything else we do. Again, you never know how broken one might be on the inside, even if they appear indestructible from the outside. You do not know if your words, driven entirely by your temporary emotions is their very last straw.

Choose your words, your approach and actions carefully. How we treat others is the only real legacy we leave behind in this world. Our accomplishments, possessions and all that other stuff fades away, but how we treated people and how we made them feel remains forever.

Remember, how we treat others is a reflection of our own heart and spirit.





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