Through Her Mother’s Eyes

Madison was always full of life. She was full of spunk and had a little attitude too. Her laugh or smile could change your day in the matter of seconds. She was ferocious and so very tender at the same time.

She loved to joke around and was so extremely smart and witty.

She loved telling people about my mishaps in life. For example: I am a fairly clumsy person and she would not hesitate to tell anyone and everyone how I fell or flew off the porch that morning or how I’d slipped and fell on my behind in the rain or ice.

She loved to make people laugh, even if it was at her Mom’s expense. She would never joke about anything that would intentionally hurt someone’s feelings though. She had such a sweet little heart.




Madison loved to be the center of attention; Especially the center of my mother’s-her Granny, her sister Sarah’s and my own world.

Madison always had something up her sleeve and a backup plan waiting in reserve up her other sleeve when the first plan busted. She never ran out of plans.

She always had a plan for each of our days. She always had us taking her somewhere, buying her something or placing an order for her meals, like we were short order cooks and she was our only patron.

Madison loved to be in control and at the center of our lives. I’d be lying too, if I said that we didn’t allow it in many (alright…most) cases. How could we say no to someone so vibrant with life and personality.

She was spoiled rotten and she knew how to get her way. She came by her controlling nature naturally, as it does run in my family. I’d say she probably learned much of it from her Papaw, my father. She tried to control her Papaw too, but that was like trying to mix oil and water. They clashed a lot, but this was their personal relationship and I believe it only made them love one another that much more.

Madison however, learned how to control us without being ugly most of the time. Not that she didn’t try barking orders and become downright demanding at times. She got away with this type of behavior with her sister quite often. It happened with my Mom and I too, but we didn’t give into as much, like Sarah did. It must’ve been a sister thing. She was smart though and learned that she got her way more with a little more honey than vinegar when it came to her Granny and I. She learned how to work us all from a very young age.


Madison loved hard, when she loved someone. She didn’t put up with anyone speaking badly of or mistreating her loved ones. She would turn into a lion if she overheard someone say anything even halfway cross about her family or loved ones.

She was always especially protective of her Momma. If she happened to overhear someone speaking ill of me, she would let you know real quick what you could do. She didn’t take any smack off anyone when it came to her loved ones. She was my little lion cub and lioness in the making. She would have made such a fierce and wonderful mother herself.

She also sat or laid on the bed next to my father in his last days. She was his protector during that time. There was no one getting close to him or him trying to get out of that bed without her knowing. I know he must’ve been so proud of his girl, his little shadow, during his time of need.

Madison had such a huge personality. She wasn’t always perfect; we clashed plenty. Trust me. She tested my very last nerve at times. But the joy and goodness that she brought to my life far exceeded anything else. She was and will always remain my sun, my moon and my stars.

Even after a million years have passed, there will never be another soul like her or anyone who could ever fill her shoes.

What a difference one single life made to this world



4 thoughts on “Through Her Mother’s Eyes”

  1. I say my son’s name every day just so it can be heard, even if only to myself. Lots of love from one grieving mama to the next.

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