The Legacy We Leave

I’ve decided to try a couple of other platforms to showcase some of my writing. I haven’t been getting as much traffic to my website as I’d like. In the 3 months I’ve been writing and pouring my heart out, I’ve still only seen a little over 4,300 visitors to Laura Simply Stumbling here on WordPress and not much of an actual following. Most visitors will read an article or two and may or may not return for my new writings. So I’ve branched out to other areas of the world-wide web.

As a result, one of my poems has taken off and been viewed more than 19,000 times. I’m not sure exactly how, I’m puzzled to say the least, but somehow it has really taken off. I have been truly humbled and stand in awe.

In all honesty, I didn’t think it was anything at all too spectacular. I wrote it in less than five minutes, kind of “free writing”, and with absolutely no plan in place. I had one small thought pop in my mind and so I simply wrote it down.

I guess it just goes to prove, that we don’t always give ourselves credit or even accountability for the things we do. Sometimes the simplest, most mundane things to us, can have impact on the world or to others. It reminds me of just how important it is to remain aware of all we do and how we present ourselves to the world.

Someone is always watching and can feel the impact of our actions and words deeply. Even if we feel what we’re doing is unimportant. Whether or not we have a negative or positive impact, is entirely on us.

My point today is not one about the success of my poem; it’s a message to remain aware of our actions, our words and the footprint we leave behind on a day-in, day-out basis. Everything we do, even on a whim or “free handed” can have significant impact on others.

Let’s leave behind a positive legacy in this world. It’s all that remains in the end.

What type of legacy will you leave?

The poem that has taken off was:

Grief is a Monster

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