Bear Witness

There are no quick fixes

Or remedies for our pain

There is nothing

That can take it away

When you know someone

Who has lost another they love

Please do not turn and walk away

Instead, just bear witness

To what we have to say

Our hearts have been broken

And we know all to well

How nothing

Could ever take the pain away

But grief is so lonely

That we need you to stay

Stay and bear witness

To the heartache and pain we know

When someone is going through deep grief

The best thing you can do

Is just sit down beside us

Not offering solutions

Or turning away

What the broken-hearted need

Is acknowledgment of our loss

We don’t expect you to fix anything

Or to take our pain away

You don’t even need to understand

What we really want

Is that you not run away

When we are down

Instead, just bear witness

And let us know

You are here to stay

Because the worst part of grief

Is feeling that what you have lost

Has been forgotten

And you are alone

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